Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Assam Silk Mark expo 2014 in Guwahati venue timing and snaps

           Want information about Silk mark expo 2014 in Assam? Get to know about details of Time, venue and watch pictures of shops inside the expo.

Silkmark Expo Assam in Guwahati

Silk mark Expo 2014 Assam is going on in NEDFi office  premise at NEDFi regional HQ. This expo is expected to promote genuine silk with Silk mark on it. These photographs are from an Silk expo insider.

Silk Mark expo 2014 Assam image 
  The Silk expo Assam venue is Nedfi Office at Ganeshguri area. The location, just opposite the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre another landmark of Guwaahti and  is  easy to find and well-connected by road.

The expo has started from 3rd September 2014 and will be going on till 7th of Sep 2014.

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